As followers of Jesus we are called to mission: to make disciples, meet the needs of those in poverty or distress, help refugees and other displaced people, train people for ministry in other parts of the world, and support others in their calling. In addition to our own ministry and mission within our parish, we support and pray for mission in other places: in other parts of Croydon, elsewhere in Britain, and abroad. Each year we set aside part of our income to fund this. How the global mission budget is spent is the responsibility of the Global Mission Committee, which reports to the PCC. In addition, some of the parish support fund we give each year to the Diocese of Southwark supports mission in poorer parts of South London.

We support a wide range of people, projects and organisations. Many of these have a personal or historical connection with Emmanuel and some of the people whose ministry we support are Emmanuel members who have been called to serve God in other places. Many of the projects and organisations we support were begun by Emmanuel members or have an Emmanuel member actively involved in them. We aim wherever possible to maintain these personal links, so that our mission spending is about relationships as well as giving money to good causes.

We also support our mission partners through prayer and each week in church we pray for at least one area of mission. Regular prayer meetings are held for mission with a particular focus on people with whom we are linked. From time to time we send Emmanuel members out to visit the people we support or have visits from the people involved in the work we support elsewhere.

To find out more about the people, projects and organisations supported by Emmanuel, click on one of the links below.

Emmanuel’s Mission Partners

Our mission partners are people who have gone out from Emmanuel to serve God in other parts of the world, or to train for mission service elsewhere.

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People and Projects Emmanuel supports

We support these people and projects.  Some of them have a longstanding relationship with Emmanuel and have been supported for many years.  In most cases there is a strong link with a current or former member of Emmanuel.

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Supported Organisations

We support these organisations regularly.  We believe they are doing good work in their various fields of activity, some in the UK and some in other parts of the world.  Their values and aims reflect those we ourselves hold as a church.

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