Vacancies – paid posts

  • We don’t have any paid vacancies currently


The best way to feel a part of Emmanuel is to get involved in serving others.   Our aim is to be a church where the gifts of every single member are recognised and used.  All our activities rely on volunteers to run – there are many different ways to join in, whatever your age & experience!



Christmas at Emmanuel is lots of fun and a great opportunity to welcome hundreds of people to our celebrations. If you’re able to help with any aspect of the Christmas preparations (tech, set building, decorations, feeding the tech team etc) please sign-up here – we’ve broken the jobs down to different dates so please tick those you’re able to help with.  Thanks!


Vacancies – key volunteers needed now

Where can I serve?

Bible readings

reading the bible during our Sunday services
contact: Trevor or Ben

Building maintenance

helping with small DIY jobs or bigger maintenance projects to help care for our buildings

contact: Church office

Childrens’ work

making a difference in the lives of the children attending The Rock (Sunday mornings), Messy Church (Monday afternoons) or FNP (Friday evenings) – some people help weekly, some less frequently, all are appreciated!

contact: Becky Frost

Creche helpers

looking after babies and small children during Sunday services, mum’s homegroups (weekday mornings) or women’s language classes (Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings)

contact: Church office


providing and arranging flowers for our services and special events

contact: Church office / Eileen Parsons


helping to keep our grounds clear and beautiful throughout the year

contact: Church office / Annette Roberts


hosting or leading one of our homegroups – some meet weekly, others fortnightly
contact: Ben


leading our collective prayer times during our Sunday services

contact: Ben or Trevor


cooking and delivering a meal: for those in need – family crisis, new baby etc;  or for one of our meal-based groups (floating shelter, Alpha etc)

contact: church office


using your musical gifts to contribute to the sung worship during our Sunday services
contact: Stuart Burke

Rock Cafe

providing refreshments at the weekly Rock Cafe between the morning Sunday services
contact: Rachel McKemey or Church office

School assemblies

joining the team who lead assemblies in a number of local primary schools, telling children (& staff) about Jesus through stories and drama
contact: Becky Frost

Sound and visuals desk

providing sound and visuals during our Sunday services
contact: Stuart Burke

Tech team

providing lighting and sets for special services and events – helping to maintain & update our tech equipment
contact: Stuart Burke


providing transport to services and events for those unable to drive/walk – please contact us if you need a lift or are able to provide one!
contact: church office / Eileen Parsons


welcoming people to our services – especially those who may be new
contact: Steph King / church office

Youth work

making a difference in the lives of our young people at The Hub (Sunday mornings), FNP (Friday evenings) or Sunday Teatime
contact: Mike Rutt