We support these people and projects.  Some of them have a longstanding relationship with Emmanuel and have been supported for many years.  In most cases there is a strong link with a current or former member of Emmanuel.

Bishop Barham University College

Bishop Barham University College is a constituent college of Uganda Christian University. For many years Emmanuel has sponsored students who are training there.  Each year we sponsor three theological students, and each student is supported for up to three years of study.

Recently graduated and current students include the following:

Rachel Wairimu Karanja recently completed her studies and returned to Kajiado Diocese in Southern Kenya, where she is a lay reader and works among the Maasai tribe.

Anne Bonabaana is a minister from Rwenzori, South-West Uganda.  She recently completed her degree studies.

Rev. Robert Zziwa leads an urban model parish in South Rwenzori Diocese, South-West Uganda.  40 years old, married with three children, he is studying for a degree in divinity.

Rev. Dorcus Niwamanya is from Kigezi Diocese in Uganda.  44 years old, she is married, with three children.  She serves as a deaconess in Noozi parish, has a diploma in theology and is studying for a degree in divinity.

Rev. William Majok is 26 years old, married with two children, and serves in the Diocese of Wau, South Sudan as Diocesan Secretary.  He is studying for a theology degree and eager to teach others in his home diocese.

For more information about the college, go to www.ucu.ac.ug/about/regional-colleges/bbuc.ac.ug

The Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation

The Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation was started by Emmanuel members Tim & Fiona Spargo-Mabbs in memory of their son, Dan. Dan died tragically at the age of 16 after taking ecstasy at a rave. The foundation tries to prevent other families from having to go through the pain of losing a child, and to stop the damage done by drugs to young lives.

Through its widespread work in many schools and colleges it aims to make young people aware of the risks of substance misuse and experimentation.For the full story and further information, go to the foundation’s website: www.dsmfoundation.org.uk

Friends of the Province of Alexandria (formerly Egypt Diocesan Association)

Each year we support a Community Development project through FAPA (formerly through Egypt Diocesan Association), which covers 8 countries in Northern Africa and the Horn of Africa.

This year we are supporting the Deaf Unit in Cairo, Egypt, which is dedicated to creating a space where the deaf and their families can better learn to communicate with each other and overcome barriers through rehabilitation, education and sign language classes.  The unit strives, through academic education and vocational training, to ensure better academic, social and economic opportunities for the deaf, enabling them to become self-reliant and better integrated into the wider community. 

In pursuit of its vision of a society with more understanding, respect and acceptance of the deaf the unit works to change cultural assumptions and stereotypes about the deaf through building relationships and friendships.

For more information about the deaf unit visit http://deafunit.org

For more information about FAPA, its website is https://www.fapa-egypt.org

International Needs

International Needs is a worldwide development agency working to help families suffering through poverty and crises to create a sustainable future. Based in Caterham, IN’s National Director, Danny Morris, is a former member of Emmanuel. One of its trustees, Wendy Riches, and its administrative assistant, Sarah Fletcher, are members of Emmanuel. Through IN we support the work of an Egyptian pastor called Nathan, who pioneers “Spiritual Life Studies”.

For more information about the wide-ranging work of IN go to www.ineeds.org.uk

Croydon-Zimbabwe Link

The Anglican churches of the Croydon area have longstanding a partnership link with the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe (DCZ).  Two members of Emmanuel, Jeremy and Jerica Davies, are members of the Zimbabwe Link Committee.

A few years ago DCZ adopted for its Children’s Ministry a syllabus for African Sunday Schools written by Jerica while serving in Kenya.  She and Jeremy visited Zimbabwe to train Sunday School teachers in the use of this material.

We give thanks with DCZ as it celebrates its 40th Anniversary in Gweru in October 2021.  We pray regularly for the church in Zimbabwe.

To find out more about the link, go to www.croydonzimbabwelink.org.uk

Kick London

Kick London works with thousands of children and young people every week to make a difference to their lives through sport. It runs academies in partnership with local churches and works in over 76 Schools across many London Boroughs. Two current members of Emmanuel sit on the board of trustees, including its chair Matt King.

For information, see www.kicklondon.org.uk

Croydon Community Against Trafficking

CCAT (Croydon Community Against Trafficking), works to raise awareness about human trafficking, oppression, and the enslavement of people, that exists in our own community. Emmanuel’s Peter Cox has been heavily involved in CCAT since it was founded over 11 years ago.

For information, see www.theccat.com

Salmon Youth Centre, Bermondsey

Around 500 children and young people a week attend more than 20 different clubs covering both age-related general youth clubs and specialist youth clubs in sports, adventure, music and arts. Salmon also works with young people with disabilities and actively seeks to develop young people through mentoring, young leaders and apprentices’ programmes.  All this takes place in a caring Christian context. Emmanuel’s Peter Knight is the Honorary Treasurer.

For information, see www.salmoncentre.co.uk

Croydon Refugee Day Centre

Croydon Refugee Day Centre is a friendly, safe meeting place offering practical assistance to all asylum seekers and refugees. Two Emmanuel members, Natasha Burt and Rachel Webster, provide English Language classes there, in addition to the classes they run at Emmanuel through SELAM.

More information can be found at www.croydonrefugeedaycentre.co.uk

Joseph Gama

Joseph is a former colleague of Emmanuel’s Jan King when she worked in South Sudan and closely connected to someone for whom the late Betty Hartshorn (a longstanding member of Emmanuel) prayed regularly.  So when he wished to study for a Master’s degree in theology it seemed appropriate to use part of her legacy to pay his fees.  When Ugandan Covid restrictions are lifted he will continue his studies at the Africa Renewal University in Kampala.