Bible Study Resources

The resources are divided into sections:

Bible Study / Going Deeper / Pray

Please feel free to use some or all of the sections within each study in a way that works best for you or your group.


Our 6.30pm sermon series in April and May will be looking at the subject of Revival.

When we talk about revival, we often think about some of the ‘great revivals’ that took place in the last couple of hundred years – times when many were touched profoundly with an awareness of the holiness of God and the impact that our sin has on our lives. 

These revivals were characterised by prayer on a scale that we can only imagine.  The recent outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Asbury, USA, among other places, has brought many people to an awareness that revival is something that is still an exciting possibility today.

But where do we even begin?  In this set of Bible studies, we are considering the subject under the following headings:

  • What is revival?
  • Changing hearts for revival
  • Praying for revival (using resources from Thy Kingdom Come)

There is material for three weeks, but you may find that there is so much to consider in each that it is more appropriate to spread it over more weeks, or give some parts to your group to complete at home.

Other Bible Study series

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