Learning to be faithful to God under incredible pressure whilst living far from all that was comfortable and familiar – this was the lesson learned by Daniel and his friends as they were carried off into exile in Babylon. 

The Old Testament book of Daniel has some of the best-known Bible stories, yet has also proved to be a great comfort to believers throughout the centuries since it was written.  For us today, as we seek to live as Jesus-followers in a way that often goes against culture and in which we often feel like strangers, we can learn valuable lessons from Daniel, of how to stand up for our faith and discover God’s faithfulness through all circumstances.  

Bible Study Materials and Podcasts

The resources for each week include:

  • Daniel – thriving at work as an exile (Longer Bible Study)
  • Daniel conversations (Short Bible study)
  • Podcast from the Bible Society

Please feel free to use some or all of the resources in a way that works best for you or your group.

The Bible Studies and podcasts for each week are below – just click the relevant button to access them.

We are particularly thankful to the Scottish Bible Society and Navigators USA for giving us permission to use their resources.

Week 1 – Daniel 1

Week 2 – Daniel 2

Week 3 – Daniel 3

Week 4 – Daniel 4 & 5

Week 5 – Daniel 6

All weeks – Daniel 1-6