We believe in a God who called the whole creation ‘very good’ – human and non-human together – and we seek to find ways of ensuring that all creation can thrive together.

We believe in a God of justice and we recognise that it is the poor who suffer first when the environment is damaged through deforestation, pollution, desertification, climate change, or the unsustainable extraction of raw materials.

We believe in a God of hope, the one through whom all creation will one day ‘be liberated from its bondage to decay’, and that The Almighty God who created and sustains His world wants all people to be actively involved in this great plan to redeem the whole of creation.

We want our church – as an organisation, as a building and as members – to work to increase our positive environmental interactions and to decrease our negative environmental impact.

If you would like to join our group of volunteers to take part in one of the current projects or just share your ideas and knowledge, please get in touch via email on eco@emmanuelcroydon.org.uk. We would love to hear from you!

Below you can find the updated version of recommended providers where you can find organic foods, natural healthcare products, environmentally-friendly cleaning materials and a variety of other things.

If you know of any others that you would recommend please send in the details for the next version. If you find any of those listed do not perform well or cease business please let us know.

There is a growing number of local providers who are doing great things, please support them.

The listing does not include the supermarkets and chains such as Holland and Barrett, but of course these all can supply natural and organic products.

List of recommendations