PCC and Leadership Team

Running a large and busy church like Emmanuel is a shared responsibility between the Vicar and clergy, Staff and Ministry teams, Leadership Team and a group of people known as the PCC.

The PCC, short for Parochial Church Council, is made of the clergy and members of the church. Together they are responsible for looking after the church’s resources so that we can fulfil our vision.

Mandated by the Church of England, the PCC are like Trustees, and having this wider group of people involved in decision making processes, and having responsibility for what the Church does is important in providing accountability as well as supporting the staff team.

PCC members for 2023/24

The Leadership Team

Purpose & accountability

The Leadership Team is there to provide spiritual leadership for the church, offering advice, guidance, support, and challenge to the clergy in fulfilling our church vision. The team discusses matters of strategic importance for the church, reviews the direction of the ministry and provides a framework for appropriate checks and balances.

The authority of the Leadership Team is derived from the Emmanuel Croydon Standing Orders and Governance Framework. The Leadership Team is accountable to the PCC.

The Team

The Leadership Team is made up of the Vicar, Associate Vicar and Associate Minister, the Church Wardens and up to three other members from the church family (who are nominated by the Leadership Team to complement the skills and perspectives of the ex-officio members and whose appointment is approved by the PCC).

Our work

The Leadership Team meetings provide a forum for spiritual, intellectual, and emotional support for the clergy; discussions are grounded in prayer and confidentiality is respected. In addition, individual members may also undertake additional tasks as needed to provide practical support.

Examples of issues discussed over the last year

Creating a safeguarding culture and considering confidential safeguarding matters (in conjunction with the Parish Safeguarding Officer); updating on staff and ministry team work; how to overcome perpetual busyness – understanding why/the context and strategies to create space and time to hear God and build deeper relationships with God and with people; moving forward through disagreement/conflict with unity; creating a discipleship culture; Sunday services and sermon series plan; updates on key church initiatives such as Church With Warmth; responding to Living in Love and Faith.