During October we will be running / hosting a series of events giving thanks for God’s creation and focusing on our need to care for it.

Each week during October we will look at a different aspect of God’s creation with verses, thoughts and suggested actions for the week.

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Art Competition

During Season of Creation month we were hosting an Art Competition which was open to anyone of any age.

The art competition involved creating something in any medium that defines our current climate and environmental crisis.

On Sunday 5th December we have awarded 7 entries. Each artist has showed in the very unique way consequences of the climate and environmental crisis. We believe that the submitted artwork which has been displayed in the church’s foyer for over a month will open our eyes and mobilise us to take action – here and now.

The solar lanterns given as prizes for our art competition were donated by the anonymous member of our congregation and supplied by Solar Aid, a charity which aims to supply solar lights to homes and schools in Africa.

In the tropics there is no real twilight and darkness lasts for close to twelve hours. Those in rural areas who can afford lights have traditionally used kerosene lamps that rely on expensive fuel but only provide a flickering light. In confined spaces the flame produces toxic smoke, the lamps are a fire and health hazard. A solar lantern provides free light, charged each day in the sunshine, and improves the quality of life. Add in a means to charge a mobile phone and in areas without any power grid these are life-changing – children can study in the evening, the family can cook and eat safely, there is no need to walk to a source of power to charge the phone which facilitates business.

By buying the lanterns from Solar Aid we also contributed to the supply of lanterns to rural Africa, to change more lives.

We hope that the lanterns given to our artists will be a blessing to them also, they provide light and power, away from the home or even as a reading light in the home.