We believe that God loves every human being. He loves us regardless of who we are, whatever we have done and regardless of our sexual orientation or our gender identity. Our sexual orientation has no bearing on our inclusion in the kingdom of God. If we are to have the heart of God, whatever else we might do, we should, as individuals and as a church community, seek to reflect that same love.

We want Emmanuel to be:

  • A place where we follow the doctrine of the Church of England whilst at the same time sharing an inclusivity based on the Bible, evidenced by:
    • All in our church are hearing the same call to radical self-sacrifice in Christian service/discipleship as a response to God’s giving of himself in Jesus.
    • All in our church are encouraged to develop an identity founded first and foremost on their union with Christ.
    • Meetings and activities for our church family include people who identify as LGBTQI+ or are same-sex attracted.
    • Derogatory language or stereotyping attitudes towards anyone will not be tolerated either up-front or in conversation between church family members.
    • In our church we acknowledge that we may all experience sexual brokenness, regardless of sexual orientation, and we each need to confess our own sins to God and receive the forgiveness offered to all through faith in Christ crucified.
    • Same-sex sexual relationships are never mentioned in isolation from other sexual relationships in the realm of teaching on sexuality and sexual ethics.
    • We will not promote or conduct coercive or harmful practices intended to change a person’s sexuality or gender identity.
  • A better place for single people, evidenced by:
    • In our church, singleness and marriage are equally promoted as ways of life valued and given by God, and both will be practically supported in our church family’s life together.
    • Church family members share meals, homes, holidays, festivals, money and family life with others from different backgrounds and life situations to them.

We long for Emmanuel to be a place where LGBTQI+ Christians know themselves to be just as valued, just as at home, as anyone else, and where their sexual orientation or gender identity does not prevent from serving or using their gifts in the church. We hope Emmanuel can continue to be a place where people with different opinions on sexuality are able to worship and grow together.

Emmanuel LLF Next Steps Group, 30 January 2023 – Approved by Emmanuel PCC April 2023