Pastoral Care at Emmanuel

Pastoral care for church members and people who live in our parish is an important part of our ministry as a church. Pastoral care takes place in various ways at Emmanuel.


We encourage all church members to look out for one another. Often effective pastoral care happens through the relationships which grow as people get to know one another through the many activities and groups within the church.


Emmanuel’s home groups provide a context in which church members can look after one another and build each other up, often providing practical care and support when needed.


Individuals in need are prayed for by name in our Sunday worship services. There is also a prayer chain for urgent prayer requests and a trained Prayer Ministry Team which will meet and pray with individuals.


Those who are grieving the loss of loved ones are offered a visit by a trained bereavement visitor.


Together with the clergy, there are three SPAs (Southwark Pastoral Auxilliaries) who are trained and licensed for pastoral ministry. The clergy and the SPAs meet regularly with the church Administrator in order to oversee pastoral care in the church and the parish, provide resources, respond to crises, refer to outside agencies, and organise ongoing training for those who are providing pastoral care.