Carols by Candlelight


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    Dear Ben Jones Happy New Year ! I am contacting you to thank you for your recent Carols by Candlelight message. I was very encouraged by what you shared and it was a good start to my 2016 ! It is always refreshing to hear the true meaning of Christmas. I am currently sitting in the African Bush – in Zambia !! My sister attended the service and was very encouraged by it. She in turn forwarded it to me !! The story you shared of your road trip had me in tears (good ones !) and many LOL moments. I have been living in Zambia for 4 years and prior to this I was based in Mozambique for 3 years. I could really emphasise and picture the bus trip each pot holed kilometre !!. My take on the African roads is that the pot holes are there to join the road together ! I have many similar transport tales to tell. When things don’t go to plan – 2 words come to mind – TIA (This is Africa) or TIZ (This is Zambia) My sister visited me in Mozambique and we used public transport on several occasions. Following her 1st experience, she realised her brother was not exaggerating with his stories of bus trips ! Thank you again for what you shared – I trust others will be equally blessed. with regardz Simon

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    Jeremy Sinclair says

    Tsamaya Sentle – which means ‘Go well’ or travel safely in Setswana

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