Have you ever wanted to read the Bible but not known where to start?  Would you like to know what all the fuss is about this man – Jesus?  Or have you forgotten why you fell for him so many years ago and want to refresh your memory and your faith……? 

Then why not join our July challenge – Mark in a Month

It’s not as hard as it sounds….the plan actually covers 21 days which leaves you some space for days off if you’d like them….or you can do it in three weeks and enjoy the week off at the end! 

To give you an incentive, we’d like you to sign up with a friend.  Not only will you have someone to encourage you to keep going, but you will enjoy meeting up to talk about what you’ve been reading together. 

You can decide how often you meet up, but we’d suggest once a week – either phone each other, walk together, meet in your garden, Zoom, WhatsApp…..connect with each other and talk about what you’ve been reading together. 

You can discuss things you don’t understand, or highlight things that have leapt out in a new way to you as you’ve done your readings that week. Please click here to download the instructions to help you read Mark in a month.

If this sounds like something you’d like to sign up for through the month of July, then please sign up by clicking here.   We need the name of yourself and your friend. 

If you’d like to do this, but don’t have anyone to do it with you, please email welcome@emmanuelcroydon.org.uk and we’ll put you in touch with someone who’d like to do the same thing.