All giving starts with God.  The Bible says,

“We all live off his generous bounty, gift after gift after gift.” (John 1: 16).

We are invited to give as a joyful, loving response to all that God has joyfully, lovingly given to us.

An important part of belonging to the church is sharing in the financial cost of running the church.

Here are some principles from the Bible to think about as you consider what God might be asking you to give.

Here are three reasons why you might want to give to our work:

Emmanuel is an outward-facing church.

We believe that God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to our families, neighbourhoods and workplaces. We’re not interested in being a holy huddle. We want to be followers of Jesus who make a real difference in the world. We do this through the ministries we run at the church and the Emmanuel Centre, and by encouraging members to express their faith in everyday life.

Emmanuel is a generous church

We delight in being able to help to fund the ministry of churches and ministries in other parts of the world.

This begins with our commitment, as part of the Church of England, to share in the cost of ministry in poorer parts of South London. Each year we pledge to give a large percentage of our income to enable the important ministry of churches who otherwise would not be able to afford to run. You can find out more about this here

We also give money away to various mission partners around the world. You can find out more about these by going to the mission page.

Emmanuel is a self-funded church

It currently costs about £12,000 a week to do what we do. We get some income from letting rooms in the Emmanuel Centre and from letting church property, but we depend upon the generosity of our members for the large part of our income.  For further details please see Church Finances: Frequently Asked Questions. (LINK to follow)

Everything we do at Emmanuel is paid for by church members. We do not receive financial support from anyone else.

Regular giving helps us to plan and budget for the months ahead, minimises the administration required in dealing with cash, and makes it easier to reclaim Gift Aid.

Throughout the year there are regular opportunities to hear about our vision and give financially. However, you can start giving to the work of Emmanuel at any time during the year.
If you have any questions about giving or about getting more involved in the life of the church please contact Ben Jones or for more practical questions about giving please contact Paul Gulliford