We as parents have the greatest influence in our children’s lives – we all want our children to grow up to be healthy and happy. As Christian parents however, we have the added responsibility (and amazing opportunity) of nurturing faith in our children. 

At Emmanuel this summer, we are going to be running a six-week course by Care for the Family called Raising Faith.

Raising Faith is a course packed with practical teaching, expert interviews, real family stories and opportunities for discussion. These will help to equip you as Christian parents and carers to nurture faith at home. 

The course will run on Thursday evenings from 8.00 to 9.30 pm, in the Watney Room at Emmanuel Church starting on Thursday 8th June.

Raising Faith is aimed at parents with Primary School Aged Children. However, grandparents, godparents, carers and those that work alongside our children would be very welcome to come along too. 

Many of our parenting events tend to be aimed at mums, but this time we’d love to emphasise that dads are really welcome too – they’re just as important in this role! However, being an evening course, this might mean that only one of you can attend, so why don’t you share it and do alternate weeks, or even better, find a babysitter now so that you can both be with us as we learn together how to inspire our children’s faith.

Course Sign-up

If you would like to join the Raising Faith course please click the button below.