The Rock is our Sunday morning children’s group for children aged 3 – 11. It takes place at both our 9:15 and 11:00 services where the Bible is taught creatively in a fun and friendly way, with video clips, drama, singing, games and activities.

All children join the adult congregation in the main church building at the beginning of each service for a time of communal worship. They are then taken by their parents to the church hall for age appropriate teaching.

At The Rock @9:15, children are grouped in an age appropriate small group which forms the main context for all that we do on a Sunday morning. All groups spend the first 20 minutes together to hear the story/message in a fun and engaging way. Very often we sing, dance and play before going to different rooms for our small group activities. These might include games, crafts, quizzes and prayer activities, all of which are linked to our theme for the week. Parents and carers collect children after the service.

During the summer term our Year 6 children join Rolling Stones – exploring key themes (including friendship, peer pressure, moving to secondary school) through a relevant bible passage and film clip.

At The Rock @11am, we are a much smaller group so we spend all of our time as a group together. We begin by playing a game together to get ourselves moving around, then we hear the story for that week, followed by games, crafts and activities all linked our theme for the week. At the end of the service the children are taken back to their parents and carers in church.