The Emmanuel Cycling Group will be re-starting on Sunday 5th July 2020.

Following advice from British Cycling, the Church of England, our church wardens and the general advice from the government about social distancing, the Emmanuel Cycling Group will be able to start riding again, however group sizes are restricted by British Cycling to just six riders and to try to keep everyone safe, additional Covid-19 related rules for the group are being introduced.

The cycling group is for adults only and we ride on the local roads, so a road bike is the most common bike used rather than mountain bikes which are generally much studier and don’t have the correct gearing for road riding. A hybrid bike can also be used and there are no-restrictions on the use of e-bikes.

The group is open to all adults – you do not have to be a member of the church to join us.

There are no costs involved with joining the group but we do have some basic rules and instructions for riders – simple rules and instructions for riders.

For the time being our rides will generally be around 20-25 miles in length and should normally take around 2 hours.

The additional Covid-19 related rules that have been put in place to keep the rides as safe as possible are as follows:

  • Riders will need to advise Roger Penn (details below) by 5pm on a Friday evening if you want to ride on the forthcoming Sunday morning. (This is essential to plan the number of ride leaders for any given week)
  • The meeting time will be 7.55am, for departure from the church at 8am sharp.
  • No-one will be allowed to join a ride if they have not pre-booked.
  • Riders should not turn up if they are showing any signs of Covid-19 or feeling unwell in any way.If a rider shows any signs of feeling unwell during a ride, if possible (and they know their way home and feel well enough to do so) they will be asked to leave the group.
  • Should they be very unwell or unsure of their route home then they will be asked to ride at least four bike lengths behind the rest of the group for the rest of the ride.
  • Should anyone be unfortunate enough to incur a puncture or mechanical issue during a ride they will be expected to repair it themselves as riders should not be touching other riders equipment.
  • In the event that a rider is struggling with a repair some assistance may be given by another member of the group as a last resort.
  • All riders should also carry a small dispenser of anti-bacteria hand cleaner.

In addition, it is recommended that riders to carry a face mask. This is not for use during the ride but would only be required if anyone in the group had an accident which would require first aid where social distancing is impossible.

I am sure that you all understand why we have been forced to introduce these rules and I hope it does not detract from anyone’s enjoyment of riding with the group and I will hopefully see you on Sunday mornings.

For further information on the group and to book your place on a Sunday ride please contact:

Roger Penn

Tel: 07795838255