Christmas Eve – 4pm & 6pm

We will be broadcasting Thrill of Hope – live on Christmas Eve at both 4pm and 6pm via our YouTube channel.

Thrill of Hope is all-age friendly.  That doesn’t mean it’s for kids, it’s for all ages. There are parts that will make you laugh and parts that will make you ponder, think and reflect….

So get together in your bubbles, in person or with your family and friends via Zoom and join us to hear the story of the birth of Jesus brought to you by our creative Christmas team.

And if you want a sneak preview……

From Monday to Thursday next week we will be providing a taster of what you can enjoy in the live broadcasts

So come to the church with your family or friends at some point between 3-8pm on Monday to Wednesday or between 2-7pm on Christmas Eve and not only will you be able to see our amazing Advent Windows but also you will catch a sneak preview of one of the scenes from A Thrill of Hope and be able to collect a “bag of hope” to take home with you.

So join us next week for A Thrill of Hope – you won’t want to miss it!