Details of the services at our morning and evening Sunday services this month are shown below, with an outline of the sermon series at the bottom of the page.  See the Sunday Worship page for a description of each of the services.

+ indicates which service has Holy Communion

*  indicates an All Age service where the children stay in (no childrens/youth groups) otherwise there is Creche in the Watney Room, The Rock and EYC Sunday in the Centre for all children at 9.15am service.

9.15am & 11am services


21st & 28th: BRAVE

6.30pm services


7th July Cold comfort (9.15am +)

Job 22 & 23

Ben Jones

Cry Freedom!

Acts 16:16-40

Tors Jones

14th July Living with mystery (11am +)

Job 38-40

Clive Lewis-Jones

Turning the world upside down

Acts 17:1-15

Ben Jones

21st July The spies who came in from the cold

Joshua 2

Ben Jones

Making connections +

Acts 17:16-34

Pete Bowdery

28th July Call the midwives (10am+) Combined Service

Exodus 1

Peter Graystone

People of courage

Acts 18:1-17

Paul Waddell



Morning sermon series (7th-14th July): FAITH AND SUFFERING

A series in the book of Job seeking to draw on the teaching of that book about how to relate our faith to suffering.


Morning sermon series (21 July – 1 Sept): BRAVE

A series exploring the stories of some of the amazing women in the Old Testament.


Evening sermon series (June-August): MISSIONARY JOURNEYS, MISSIONARY CHURCH

This series looks at the latter half of the book of Acts with a view to learning about how the church can be effective in mission.



Sermons at our morning and evening services are recorded and can be downloaded on the sermon downloads page.