At this time of uncertainty, where our church buildings and normal activities are closed, we are working hard to make sure that Youth Ministry at Emmanuel continues to be a place where we can engage with your children, build community and deepen their relationship with one another and with Jesus. 

What is this going to look like?

The honest answer is, in the long term, who knows! But, in the short term we want to put some things in place that means the we can continue to be church together.

1. WhatsApp Groups

We want to create year group WhatsApp communities for young people in our church that can be a place to communicate with one another, inform young people about events, organise events with young people, create weekly challenges, and offer support to one another. To do this we need your permission as parents and carers. If you would like your child/children to be in one of these groups, and give your permission, please reply to this email with their name and mobile number. (N.B – we will also be including their normal group leaders in these groups).

We would also like to create a parents WhatsApp group to send you key information. Please also reply to this email with your number if you would like to be involved. 

2. Weekly Zoom Meet-ups

We want to continue to meet in our normal groups on a weekly basis online. We are working out the best time to do that, but hope to be running these by next week. 

3. Social Activities

We want to create spaces where we can continue to have fun together, watch films together and play games together.

4. Family Faith Resources 

We want to make sure that you as families have the resources you need to grow in faith together. I would be happy to have a conversation with you if you would find that helpful. 

To keep you as parents up to date we have created an Emmanuel Youth Culture Facebook Group. Rather than bombarding you with emails, this will be the place you can find up to date information. You can sign up by visiting