Explore and enjoy our church grounds this summer

Over the last year one exciting thing to see been the increased way we have been able to invite friends and neighbours to explore and enjoy Emmanuel’s church grounds.

Over the summer holidays we want to continue to welcome people to our church grounds as a place to meet, relax, play, reflect, and pray.

For most weeks over the summer period, starting on Monday 26th July, we will have six zones:

Chill Zone – a space to sit and relax, chat, read a book, or maybe meet new people.

Active Zone – some fun exercises to try on your own or as a family, and a few active games. You may also find the starting point to some interesting walks or cycle rides with like minded people

Praise Zone – a chance to make some noise and celebrate all that is good about our world and our God.

Reflection Zone – sometimes we need to just stop – here there will be some creative ways to explore how we feel about the world around us, and how to communicate that with God. Or you could use the Reconnect with God materials by clicking here.

Creative Zone – for a few hours each day, materials will be available to help you get your creative juices going.

Games Zone – good old-fashioned playground games outside – and occasional opportunities to meet up to play favourite board games inside.

Each week will have a different ‘holiday’ theme, and there will be occasional one-off special events and we will add details here each week.