Emmanuel Lightning – REAL football!

6th August 2019

It’s nearly time for Emmanuel Lighting’s 2019/20 season to get underway.
Fresh from our firsts winning the Mike King Trophy for the second time, and our seconds winning the division 2 title, we’re looking to recruit a few new players.
We’ve probably near exhausted all the adult footballers at Emmanuel from within the congregation (feel free to prove me wrong!), so I’d love it if you might have a think about people you know aged 16+ who play football, and might be keen to play 11 a side on Saturdays. We have two teams, both with a few spaces in the squad, so keen to be open to anyone who wants to come and try. We’ll be training on Wednesday evenings at Croygas Sports Club, if anyone would like a taster.
Emmanuel Lighting has been a great community over the years, important for many young men in the church remaining anchored to their faith, and Emmanuel. I hope you’ll do your best to continue to support the club, now over 20 years old!
Paul Waddell