Ben’s sabbatical

24th April 2019

Ben, our Associate Vicar, will be taking a six week sabbatical in May and early June. A sabbatical provides an opportunity to step back from day-to-day ministry and to focus on one or two things that will enable future ministry to flourish.

In the Diocese of Southwark, clergy are encouraged to take a sabbatical after seven years of ordained ministry, which Ben has now reached. The sabbaticalwill be taken in May and early June so that Ben can return in time for a good handover from me and be ready to play his part in the interregnum.

The main focus of the sabbatical will be to start to learn Braille, which will allow Ben to use liturgy more creatively and to rely less on his amazing memory! He will also be visiting Israel for a tour of some of the important historical sites.

Ben will be around in the parish for most of the time, but will not be at church on Sundays or involved in the day-to-day running of Emmanuel.

Please pray that Ben will find his sabbatical stimulating, restorative and restful.