We are appealing for votes to win £25,000 to furnish the new hall! 

We’re asking for public votes to help win a OneFamily Community Award of £25,000 to purchase new furniture for the church hall.

Since before WW1 our hall site in Normanton Road has been used by the local community as a place to have fun and play sports. In 1939 a sports hall was built and it has now become a busy hub of local community life. About 4,000 people use it to meet and have fun together. In January 2018 an extended building is being reopened and winning this award would enable us to buy new furniture and replace equipment that is now worn out.

Votes opened at mid-day on 9th August, and we have less than a month to get as many votes as we can by mid-day 6th September 2017

Please vote for us at:  https://foundation.onefamily.com/projects/new-furniture-for-emmanuel-church-hall