Details of the services at our morning and evening Sunday services this month are shown below, with an outline of the sermon series at the bottom of the page.  See the Sunday Worship page for a description of each of the services.

+ indicates which service has Holy Communion

*  indicates an All Age service where the children stay in (no childrens/youth groups)

9.15am and 11am services


6.30pm services


1st July


Transforming families, neighbourhoods & workplaces +

Matthew 5:13-16

Peter Graystone

WTF? (What’s the Fall?)

Genesis 3:1-24

Trevor Mapstone

8th July


**Combined 10am service**

Get out of the boat! +*

Matthew 14:22-33

Becky Frost

The wisdom of God

Proverbs 8:22-36

Hannah Gordon

15th July


Loving God with heart, soul, mind & strength

Mark 12: 28-34

Andrew Gillam

The majesty of God +

Psalm 8

Ben Jones

22nd July


Loving neighbours as ourselves

Luke 10:25-37

Ben Jones

The glory of God

Psalm 19

Tors Jones

 29th July


**Combined 10am service**

Compassion breaks down barriers+*

Luke 5:17-26

Trevor Mapstone


The praise of God

Psalm 148

Ben Jones

Morning sermon series (April – July): OUR VISION

The sermons in the series will explore the phrases that make up our church vision statement which you can find here

Morning sermon series (July – August): COMPASSION

We believe that compassion should be a core value and guiding principle for us as a church, especially at a time in which public and political rhetoric often appear to be lacking in compassion and empathy.  These stories from the Gospel of Luke show us what compassion looks like.

Evening sermon series (June – August): WHY ARE WE HERE?

A series about what it means to flourish as human beings.  Perhaps life with God is about becoming more human, rather than more religious.  We follow the arc of the biblical story from creation to new creation.


Sermons at our morning and evening services are recorded and can be downloaded on the sermon downloads page.