Streets in the Emmanuel Parish

Ballater Road
Beech Copse
Binfield Road
Birchend Close
Birdhurst Rise
Birdhurst Road (odd numbers)
Blossom Close
Brighton Road, South Croydon (63a–213)
Brighton Villas (between Selsdon Road and 20 Junction Road)
Campden Road
Campion Close
Carlton Avenue
Carlton Road
Castlemaine Avenue
Chelsham Road
Conduit Lane
Coombe Lane (South)
Coombe Road (68–104)
Coombe Wood
Croham Close
Croham Manor Road
Croham Mount
Croham Park Avenue
Croham Road (27a–87 and 54–86)
Crunden Road (1–47)
Dornton Road
Doveton Road
Elm Close
Essenden Road (17–57)
Haling Road
Harewood Road
Helder Street
High Beech
Hollycroft Close
Hurst View Road
Hurst Way
Jarvis Road
Junction Road (20–37)
Lismore Road
Lytchgate Close
Manor Gardens
Manor Way
Mansfield Road
Melville Avenue
Moreton Road (1–19)
Newark Road
Normanton Road
Pilgrims Way
Rayleigh Rise
Regents Close
Rockhampton Road
Selsdon Avenue
Selsdon Road (101–463 and 108–444)
Spencer Road
Sycamore Close
Sunny Nook Gardens
Sussex Road (except 1–3)
Ward Close
Wells Close
Whitmead Close
Winchelsey Rise
Witherby Close