Mission Mayhem was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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In May half-term 2015 we embarked on our most epic Holiday Club ever! 170 primary age children and over 100 volunteers joined us as we headed into outer space for four days with Mission Mayhem.

Mission Mayhem door 1


BlastZoom clearFrom 9:30am every morning until 12:45pm we had all sorts of adventures, fun, singing, shouting, games, quizzes, drama, dancing, and of course – the disgusting gunge tank!

Kids were introduced to our intrepid explorers Blast and Zoom and had crazy fun with Captain Chaos, from the Blast Off game (don’t forget – silent cheering!) to the two-panted leaders race



Captain Chaos


We journeyed through space with Blast and Zoom, all under the watchful eye of Captain Take-Off, who helped us learn what it means for us all to have our very own mission. We even travelled through space and time to meet Moses and hear all about the mission God had for him. There was even a real burning bush!

Moses and bush


We sang our theme song ‘Jet Pack’ and no doubt sang it at home, in the supermarket, in the bath, in the park, everywhere!

Jetpack 1

Jetpack 2


Talking of crazy adventures – you should have seen some of the activities there were – cooking space food, dodging meteorites, the mothership of inflatable assault courses.



Amazing group leaders showed the way, and were even game to get stuck in to the ‘mayhem’ too – brilliant!

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You name it, we did it, whether it was dressing up as space-men and aliens, making our own Personal Astronomical Navagational Teleportation Systems, wearing our pants over our trousers (don’t forget your under-pants as well as your over-pants!) and singing along as loud as we could to Shine (WOO!) it made for an amazing week.


And of course, it wouldn’t be holiday club without the return of many a leader’s nemesis….the dreaded gunge tank! It poured out it’s contents on many a unsuspecting leader, even the vicar couldn’t escape!

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Many parents and carers also stayed for a cuppa and some homemade cake in our Mission Mayhem Café! They were able to see pictures from the previous days as well as a live video feed from outer space so they could get a bit of an idea of everything that the children were doing. It was wonderful to get to know so many parents!

If you loved Mission Mayhem this year, or if you’ve never been before but you love the sound of it, then make sure you


we’ll be doing it all over again from 5th – 8th April 2016.

Don’t miss it!!!