Message from the Vicar 800

“Emmanuel is a daily hub of activity hosting numerous varied activities as we seek to serve and share Jesus’ love with those in our community.  In living out our mission statement, helping to share Jesus’ love with all, we are asked to get alongside people and support them on their journey of faith. Practically, we need the space to be able to do this and are limited by our current Church Hall.

We want to create more opportunities where our community can experience the love of God and we need a safe and suitable venue in which to do so. Our current Hall buildings have a very limited life – they are no longer fit for purpose and cosmetic updates or repairs are no longer a viable option.  While our practical need is for bricks and mortar to transform the Hall, our excitement is about all the many wonderful activities that will take place in the renewed Hall.

As the PCC presents us with the plans to radically overhaul and extend the Church Hall to enable our ministry for the next thirty plus years, I hope that you share this bold vision. We first started building in 1897… it’s now time to build again!

Everyone who is part of our community during the week or on a Sunday is invited to celebrate God’s generosity we us. Join us in this exciting venture and post a pledge on the 15th May at our Pledge Day.
Join us – be a blessing!

Rev Canon Trevor Mapstone

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