Friday Night Project is a fun-filled, action packed group for children in school years 3 – 6 from 6pm – 7.30pm.

The evening includes large group games, activities which include sport, craft, cooking, chill out, and lots more! Drinks and snacks are included, along with hearing a Bible story told in a fun and exciting way.

So how does it work?

Come along at 6pm where you can sign up for your choice of activities, don’t forget to arrive on time so you can get your first choice! Which zones will you choose? With five zones to choose from (sport, craft, pic ‘n’ mix, board games, cooking) there is always something to suit everyone. Follow that with a big, loud, and sometimes crazy game all together, a quick breather while we enjoy our drink and snack, and then finish with a story from the Bible. And we manage all of that in an hour and a half!

The current half-term will end on Friday 20th October.  The next half-term Friday Night Project will meet from 3rd November to 15th December inclusive – we look forward to seeing you!

How can I join?

First time entry is free, then £8 for the half term.

You can sign-up & pay for the half-term using the SIGN-UP button below.