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Church Hall Development – February Update

2017 is the year we rebuild our Hall!

This is it! This is the year that we begin to transform, extend and totally refurbished our Hall for the 4,000 people in our community who use it.

We are looking forward to being able to welcome everyone into a dry, warm space with a new kitchen in the middle of the building that can serve all of the rooms. Everyone, regardless of mobility, will be able to get upstairs because there will be a platform lift, and we will be able to have more than 1 activity in the Hall at a time.

We are so grateful that God continues to resource the work at Emmanuel – thank you LORD!!

Let’s Celebrate

Please continue to celebrate and pray with and for everyone involved in the project:

– Our generous community: we are all part of a generous, worshiping community at Emmanuel who have a big heart for service.
– Groups and teams: 4,000 people came though the Hall last year. That’s a lot of tea, coffee and cake to make and clear up afterwards – thank you!!
– PCC, staff team and Hall Development Group: For energy, and wisdom as we use our resources to serve.
– Professional build team: The tender for the new hall building went out just before Christmas. We hope to sign a letter of intent by mid-March with the constructor. During February and March we will finalise the specification and costs with potential contractors.
– The big move! Everyone who uses space and equipment in the Church and Hall is helping us declutter and downsize to get ready – the builders move in at Easter. Thank you to everyone for their good spirit and cheerfulness as we plan how to use the church building in 2017.
– Finance team: they administer pledges, loans, claim gift aid and serve us all confidentially behind the scenes. We have just received a claim for £95,000 in gift aid for the Hall. Now effort is going into putting borrowing in place to prudently cover both the current shortfall in funding and the cashflow we need in place for 2017.
– Trust applications: a team of 8 people have been helping the hall team consider more than 40 Trusts for grants. We have made 9 applications. So far we have had 2 positive replies pledging a total of £75,000.
– Funds: we would so love to be able to have all the funds we need raised in 2017. That would mean we can avoid having to borrow money and the big additional cost of interest payments. We are thankful for so much and continue to raise funds.

A quick summary of the finances:

– We are still working to a build cost of £2.1m at the moment.
– So far we have £1.67m in pledges from members and 2 Trust funds.
– We have a shortfall of £430,000 for the build cost.
– Every pound more we give or lend to Emmanuel now will help us avoid an additional cost of £125,000 in interest.


No doubt 2017 will hold surprises. Here are a few key dates:

12th February: deadline for all team and group leaders to review their equipment, declutter and return the list of their essential ‘kit bag’ they need to use and store in the church for 2 terms while we rebuild the Hall.

– Weekend of the 18th – 19th March: we are celebrating and saying thank you for the old Hall and looking forward to the new one.

Sat 18th am – a morning of odd jobs and clear out in the Hall. See Keith Wilson or your group leader for more information about how you can help.
– Big Barn dance on Sat 18th evening with our own ceilidh band, Kingsfolk. Bring a friend. All proceeds to the Hall project.
Sunday 19th is a day of celebration and praise. It will include a gift day – we are all invited to update and bring our financial pledges to God as we commit this next year to Him.
– Bring back your brick money boxes to church on Sunday 19th

31st March: deadline for packing up equipment to be all stored off site or in the church while we rebuild the Hall.

10th April: the builders are coming.

Jan 2018: when we plan to move back into the Hall, ready for the new term.

How to give to Emmanuel?

We encourage everyone who is able and willing to give from what they have.

If you want to start to give we suggest you use the EVERYDAY GIVING account. The paying in details are:
– Emmanuel Church South Croydon Income a/c
– CAF Bank Sort code: 40-52-40
– Account number: 00021710

For those who are able to help more, or want to give to give specifically to the Hall the REBUILD paying in details are:
– Emmanuel Church, South Croydon Development a/c
– CAF Bank Sort code: 40-52-40
– Account number: 00021714

If you want to give in a different way the Finance team can help you. They will offer you a gift aid form if that applies to you. Their contact details are
– Alistair Hynd Treasurer
– David Martin Assistant Treasurer

Further information

If you have any questions please contact any the Hall Development Group – Wendy Riches, David Lawton, Alistair Hynd, Eric Thompson, Peter Cox and Keith Wilson

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