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Church Hall Development – July Update

Building to be a Blessing

Every day Emmanuel is a buzz of activity as we share Jesus’ love with our local community. The new hall project has been put in place to enable this work to continue into the next generation.

The Lord is calling us together to pray and give generously. The PCC and project group are placing our hope and trust in The Lord as we progress this project together.

Since the last week of April when we launched the project a great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes and we have so much to celebrate.

Over 100 people took part in the prayer walk around the church and 1,365 emails were opened in the week of praise and prayer.

Only eight weeks ago we launched our appeal for pledges, and promises of £1.057m have already been received as one off gifts or monthly giving. With Gift Aid and existing funds the development fund now stands at £1.530m.

We are now about £700,000 away from our giving target. Loans of £372,000 have also been pledged to help cash flow. The opportunity to give or make a loan remains open.

At the same time pledges and giving to the everyday fund remains healthy and continues to enable all of our routine work and activities to carry on.

We are overwhelmed by the generous response and thankful for answers to so many prayers.

So far about 120 pledges have been made for the hall development and others are considering their response. We are called to give from what we have and we know for some it is not possible to give at the moment. Regardless of our personal situation we all belong together because we belong to Jesus.

We do not want to keep this amazing news to ourselves!

Thank you all for praying with us. Thanks also to everyone who has made a pledge. The finance team will be in touch with everyone over the summer. The development account is open and details of where to transfer funds are on the pledge forms.

On the planning side work is also progressing really well with the detailed specification to inform the technical design. Site investigations have happened and all of this work will inform a revised cost plan.

Next Steps

Please continue to pray for all ministry and work at Emmanuel.

Give thanks for the amazing response and support for the project.

Pray that the funding gap closes.

On Sept 5 the PCC are making the decision – whether or not to proceed to the tender stage and closure of the Hall for two terms next year. We need your prayers as we carefully consider this next step.

After the September decision is made the PCC expect to progress fundraising ideas that will enable the wider community at Emmanuel to join in.

The hall project is for everyone – thank you for being a blessing!

Hall Project Group

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