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Helping refugees in Croydon

Helping Refugees in Croydon

Many of you will have been shocked and saddened by the news of refugees flooding into Europe, often escaping terrible situations in their home countries.

Croydon has seen a dramatic increase in refugee numbers, with the Refugee Day Centre in West Croydon seeing 320 new asylum seekers this year alone, together with 62 children.  As a church we have a chance to practically make a difference in the lives of refugees by helping them.

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How can I help?

The Day Centre are now desperately short of provisions in the following areas:


Alongside our work with the Croydon Food bank we want to be able to donate food to the Refugee Day Centre. If you can manage an extra tin in the shopping trolley, then please do so.


Good quality small and medium men’s clothing, and size 10 and 12 young women’s clothing.

Good quality trainers:

For men and women – do you have an old pair of wearable but outdated shoes you could donate?

If you would like to donate in any of these ways, please bring your donation to Emmanuel Croydon (in a clearly marked bag), where it will be collected and taken to the Refugee Day Centre every week. The church is open from 9am-2pm every weekday or you can bring it to a church service.


If you cannot give anything practically but would like to help, money is very gratefully received:  It costs money to provide a hot meal every week.  The day centre is also seeking to provide New Testaments and Bibles, so donations towards these are also welcome.


The Croydon Refugee Day Centre at West Croydon Baptist Church is manned by volunteers, who are now overwhelmed with the additional need from the latest crisis. Could you spare a couple of hours a week to help out?

If you would like to contact the West Croydon Refugee Day Centre direct, please click the banner below for details:

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