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FNP Saturday Sleepover

On Saturday 22nd November 60 children and 20 leaders arrived armed with sleeping bags and roll mats ready for our Friday Night Project Saturday Sleepover!

This year the theme for our sleepover was ‘fun at the pier’! So we kicked off the evening with a fantastic meal of fish and chips before we had fun doing all sort of activities that you might find at the pier! We hooked ducks, splatted the rat, played crazy golf and beach volleyball, created coloured sand art bottles, knocked everything down at the tin can alley, and even gave ourselves brain freeze at the ice cream factory! After all that energy and excitement it was time to wind down in front of a film with a nice hot chocolate (don’t forget the cream and marshmallows!)

By then we we were all exhausted and it was time for bed! The leaders can report that the girls got the gold star for excellent sleeping, with the boys needing to up their game a bit if they want to win next year!

Bacon sandwiches and a walk round the block helped to freshen us up on Sunday morning before we went to join The Rock during the 9:15 service. We had a great time, and it was really special for the children and leaders to spend more time together, and to learn more about the love that God has for us.

We can’t wait until next year!


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